Anxiety and Depression


It’s happening again…

You feel it in the pit of your stomach.

Your heart starts pounding… faster and faster. Sometimes it’s so bad you feel like you are going to die from a heart attack.

You can’t control it…

Thoughts race through your mind. Run away or defend yourself: Those seem to be the only two options.

The fear and worry distract you, making it difficult to concentrate on things you need to get done.

It’s all so draining…

Trying to fall asleep is almost impossible. You will be exhausted tomorrow… as usual.

Will you ever be able to relax and enjoy life?


It’s impossible to get motivated…

So many things need to get done. Maybe you will have the energy to get them done tomorrow.

But tomorrow comes and goes, and the bills still aren’t paid, and the house still isn’t clean.

The despair overtakes you…

Even though you can somehow hold a job and fake your way through, the feelings of loneliness and sadness are there.

All you want to do is lay in bed and mope. 

It’s exhausting…

Sometimes, you sleep too much; sometimes, you can’t sleep at all. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends.

Dragging yourself out with friends and pretending to have a good time is draining.

When was the last time you were actually happy? You want fun to be part of your vocabulary again… but how?

Struggling with anxiety or depression feels overwhelming.

Both impact your life in significant ways, from ruining relationships to impairing your ability to perform daily activities. Although you can hold a job, you’re not able to do your best work.

Through therapy at Ra Wellness, we will give you skills to reduce anxiety and depression and improve your mood and confidence.

Talking with a compassionate therapist can help.

A safe space to talk about your feelings…

You’ve talked to a family member and a friend here and there about what you are going through, but they haven’t been able to help you. Sometimes they say, “Just stop worrying” or “Just get out of your funk already!”

At Ra Wellness, our therapists are here to give you a safe space to talk about what is bringing you down. We understand that change is hard and will be there for you step-by-step.

The validation you need to change…

Others don’t understand what you are going through. Some think that you are making a big deal over nothing. “Your life isn’t that bad,” some say. But we understand that your feelings and experiences are valid! There is no judgment here! After listening to your unique situation, we will teach you ways to get through the thick of it and come out the other side a whole new person.

Workable skills to improve your mood…

You can’t just snap out of it. You wish you could. But how can you actually improve your mood? Together, we will develop a plan that will address your needs to help you find joy. Skills such as breathing, guided meditation, acknowledging thoughts and feelings, and creating a concrete path toward your values will all guide you to where you want to be.

Support as you pursue your goals…

What exactly do you want to change? Improve your self-esteem and mood? Relationships? Job situation? Social life? Not sure exactly? Come to Ra Wellness, where we will work together to create a plan to reach your identified goals. Your future is bright–now is the time to start.

Work Toward Your Values

Therapy gives you a space to explore your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions–and how they interfere with where you want to be.

By receiving support and guidance through this process, you will become more self-confident and less anxious and depressed. As you feel better, your values become more clear, making goal-setting a breeze. Each small step of improvement leads to less fear, giving you the ability to move forward toward a fulfilled life. Doing this alone is not an option.

Help is just a phone call away.

There is hope, so why wait another day?

Through therapy, you can create a life of peace and enjoyment.

In-person and online sessions are available, so…

Call Ra Wellness today for a free 15-minute phone consultation: (973) 524-6501.