Educational Advocacy and Support

You’re frustrated, and it’s affecting your relationship with your child.

Your child has failed ANOTHER test. He gets upset easily in school and can’t finish assignments in the time the teacher gives in class.

Your child is so easily distracted in school. She tells you she stares out of the window and loses track of what the teacher is saying. Her teacher contacts you regularly, stating that she needs to focus more in class.

Your child still cannot read on grade level. Every night, homework is accompanied by crying and frustration.

Things have to change… but what do you do?

You’ve had conversations with the teacher.

You’ve had meetings.

Perhaps you’ve even had an evaluation done on your child.

And maybe some interventions have been put in place…

BUT your child still struggles!

You need an advocate.

You need an advocate who understands both the needs of families and the system within which educators work – someone who can facilitate collaboration between you and school personnel to create positive results.

Open communication and ongoing dialogue with parents and school personnel are necessary. A team approach is essential to developing the most effective and comprehensive plan to help your child in school.

Ready to make that positive connection between you and your child’s school?

Call me (Dr. Ra) now!

I combine my experience in school psychology with my private practice to achieve two goals:

The first is helping your child or teen who is having a hard time in school – by discovering why they’re struggling and guiding them to success.

The second is helping you, the parent who is worried about your child, by giving you a voice at home and in your child’s school.

Ultimately, I want to teach you how to be your own advocate!

Let me help…

Twenty years of experience as a Certified School Psychologist has given me intricate knowledge of the inner workings of the school environment.

When you reach out for help, I will interview you to see what steps the school has already taken to learn more about why your child is having so much difficulty. You will be asked to share any pertinent records so that we can create a unique advocacy plan for your child. This plan may include requesting a 504 Plan or a Child Study Team evaluation… or asking that an Individualized Education Program be revised.

If special education is required, it can be complex. By understanding the ins and outs of the state and federal code, I can assist you in identifying the most important topics to discuss during meetings with school personnel.

Advocacy is also about evaluating data. By helping you understand your child’s educational data, you can make informed decisions. If a Child Study Team evaluation is warranted, reviewing those reports can be so technical that they’re overwhelming. I will help you understand what the numbers mean.

When you know what your child’s evaluations mean, you’re a more knowledgeable contributor to your child’s educational planning and an empowered advocate for your child.

Don’t let your child continue to struggle.

Passionate is very often used to describe me. You will see my passion and knowledge shine through when working with me.

I genuinely want to see your child succeed in school and will do everything in my power to help you make that happen. Using my experience as a team player in the schools, I will collaborate with school personnel to create a plan to help your child.

Stop wasting time and hoping that the school will address all of your child’s needs in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, school personnel are overwhelmingly busy and just don’t have the time to devote to figuring out exactly what your child needs to succeed. Let me help you speed along the process, so your child doesn’t have to wait any longer for services!

Contact me now so I can help! Let’s schedule your free consultation to see how we can best work together: (973) 524-6501.