Gifted and Talented/Twice-Exceptional Youth

That excitement for learning now seems long gone.

Your child is brilliant. Their knowledge, curiosity, problem-solving, talent, and imagination are all obvious. It’s amazing how much information they absorb in their brain.

So why is school such a struggle?

Frustration and anger always accompany homework. They take so much longer to complete assignments than other kids in the grade.

Their backpack is completely disorganized… as is their bedroom.

Taking notes is nearly impossible, and they rarely complete classwork in the allotted time.

Fidgety and distracted, your child is not achieving anywhere near where they should be.

“Just try harder!”

Has your child been called lazy and unmotivated?

Have they lost their self-confidence and joy?

Do they feel like a failure at everything even though their talents shine through?

It breaks your heart watching your child struggle. Frustrated, anxious, and angry. You’ve tried to help, but nothing works. How can they be so smart and talented but not thrive? It makes little sense. So let us help you make sense of why this is happening.

Your child may be gifted and talented/twice-exceptional…

Your child may be “twice-exceptional” (also referred to as “2e”), a gifted student who also has a disability like ADHD or dyslexia.

Twice-exceptional students have exceptional ability and are gifted in some way while also having learning or behavioral challenges. Often, their high intelligence hides their disability, but 2e youth struggle nonetheless. They are often overlooked and don’t receive the services they need. Because they are not receiving the services they need, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, emotional dysregulation, and behavior difficulties can result.

It is imperative that both giftedness and the disability be identified to determine exactly what the child needs to thrive. Both the parent and child know that they are capable of much more, but something stands in their way, and they don’t know what. They may be seen as lazy because they are very smart but do not perform well in some areas. Because they may get a lot of criticism, they may develop anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. They may even be considered oppositional if they act out their frustrations.

You and your child are probably miserable. You need answers…

When you reach out, we will discuss how your child functions in all areas of life. Through our conversation, we’ll develop a plan to thoroughly evaluate your child to see if “gifted and talented/2e” is an appropriate description.

Once evaluated, a comprehensive report with recommendations for school and home will be written.

Once you understand your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, you can advocate for your child’s needs. By collaborating with school personnel, a plan can be developed that will help your child be successful.

Now is the time to bring back your child’s love of learning!

Don’t wait! Get the help your child needs now! Your gifted child deserves to understand why they are struggling and what will help them.

Call now for a free 15-minute consultation where you will disclose all the difficulties your child is having. We will then share the next steps to assess your child and determine the root of your child’s struggles. Any questions you have will be answered. If we decide we are a good fit, we will make an appointment. You have nothing to lose by calling but a lot to lose by not calling.

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