Living with ADHD

You know exactly what it’s like, don’t you?

Constantly losing stuff…

Mail piled up…

Heaps of stuff around the house…

You thought they were somewhat organized piles of stuff, but when you look for something, you can never find it.

What time is it? Oh, no… late again! Why are you never on time for anything?

Completely disorganized…

No idea how long things take to get done…

Daydreaming and losing focus…

Your partner can’t stand your messy house. You’ve cleaned up your space, only for it to become cluttered within days.

Your boss tells you to finish that project by the end of the day Friday, but Friday comes and goes. You apologize and work all weekend long to turn it in on Monday.

At Ra Wellness, we help children, teens, and adults…

No matter where you are in life, you can improve your executive functioning skills to live a more gratifying and less stressful life.


Have teachers told you that your child can’t sit still, stay on task, or complete assignments on time? You certainly aren’t surprised – you see it at home, too. It drives you crazy. The mess, the disorganization. How can your child find anything in that backpack? Spoiler alert – they can’t.

You ask your child to pick up their wet towel after the shower. Surprise, surprise, it is on the floor yet again. I mean, how hard can it be to do simple daily tasks?! And the fidgeting. So you bought some fidgets and guess what? Your child lost every single one. Ok, you got this. You sit down with your child to help, but you don’t know where to start.

You need help. Through therapy and coaching at Ra Wellness, your child can learn organization, time management, how to complete routine tasks without prompting, ways to deal with fidgeting, and how to keep focus. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Your teen is overwhelmed with assignments at school…. one late assignment, then another, then another. It’s too much to catch up. Grades are dropping. Motivation is lacking because it’s too much. Everything is a mess. Where does your teen even start? At Ra Wellness, we will work with your teen to get back on track – learning how to prioritize tasks, manage time, and be organized. Your teen can be successful!


Enough is enough. You are tired of trying so hard and not getting any results. At Ra Wellness, we will work together to prioritize your needs and create a plan for success. By learning techniques for time management, organization, and keeping on task, you will have more control over your life.

Is it possible to be more productive, organized, and focused?


Paying attention, organizing, staying on task, starting and completing tasks, regulating emotions, and self-monitoring are all executive functioning skills.

Having ADHD makes it difficult to do some or all these things.

First, we’ll discuss your unique situation and determine what areas you need to improve.

We’ll then teach you, your child, or your teen specific strategies for better functioning at home, work, and school.

We help you use techniques like working in a quiet, uncluttered space with minor distractions and self-monitoring using self-talk to help keep you focused. From wake up to bedtime, scheduling out your day organizes your time and allows you to stay on task.

When studying, taking frequent movement breaks and using a time timer helps keep your mind fresh and aware. Having a therapist or coach at Ra Wellness who can support you through this positive change helps with accountability and motivation.

Are you ready to feel like a rock star?

Because that’s how you’ll feel when you’re showing up to appointments on time, managing your time effectively, looking around at your organized space, and completing tasks effectively.

And guess what one side-effect is of improving your executive functioning?

Better relationships! Boom!

It’s time to show ADHD who’s boss. Call Ra Wellness today for your free consultation: (973) 524-6501.